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History 2001-2002

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2001 On May 17, 2001, Governor Ridge signed Act 9 of 2001 into law. Among the provisions of this act affecting active members were:

Among the provisions of this act affecting retired members were:

 Six interactive web applications became available on the PSERS Internet website.

The Brookville Regional Office relocated to Franklin in April 2001. This move enabled the office to better serve the membership in northwestern Pennsylvania.

The PSERS Business Plan was established to improve member and stakeholder services and to improve the management of assets.  

2002 On April 23, 2002, Governor Schweiker signed Act 38 of 2002 into law.  Provisions of this act include:             

The new Active Member Handbook, revised to include the provisions of Act 9 of 2001, was mailed to all active members in June 2002.

Employers can update members home addresses on-line. 

PSERS begins the development and implementation of a new fully integrated computer system for the administration of pension information.  In 2002, the New Pension Administration System (NPAS) was in the design phase and a team of PSERS staff was assigned to assist the agency in making this important and ongoing need a reality.  The project timeframe spans approximately 3 years from initial design to total implementation.

Governor Schweiker passed Act 2002-234 (commonly referred to as the Coaches Bill) on December 30, 2002.  This law allows school districts, intermediate units, area vocational schools, and charter schools to hire retirees for extracurricular activity positions without affecting their monthly benefit.  For detailed information, check out Act 2002-234 on the website.