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Purchasing Service Credit

Former Uncredited Part-Time Service - You may purchase credit for former uncredited part-time service unless you previously waived your membership rights.  This is part-time service rendered in a Pennsylvania public school that met one or more of these conditions:

  • Your employer did not report contributions to PSERS, even though you worked at least 80 days or 500 hours during the school year.

  • You were part-time salaried.

  • You worked for multiple employers within a single school year and the combined service between the multiple employers qualified you for membership.  

You must first meet membership eligibility requirements in the school year in which you submit the application before you can apply to purchase this service.   You and your employer(s) where the service was rendered must complete the Application to Purchase Credit for Part-Time Service. (PDF)

Non-qualifying part-time service – This is non-salaried part-time service in a Pennsylvania public school during a single school year that totaled less than 80 days or 500 hours. Beginning on July1, 2011, those who were active contributing members prior to July 1, 2011, will have until July 1, 2014 to apply to purchase Non-Qualifying Part-Time service (NQPT), or termination of public school employment, whichever is earlier.  Inactive or new members of PSERS who begin employment on or after July 1, 2011, have either a one year window or prior to their date of termination, whichever is earlier, to apply to purchase NQPT service.  Click here for more NQPT information

To apply, you and your employer(s) where the service was rendered must complete the Application to Purchase Credit for Part-Time Service (PSRS-100).

Special Sick Leave – To purchase this type of leave, your school board must have approved the sick leave.  The leave may not exceed one year and you must have received at least half-salary through Worker’s Compensation or a school-sponsored insurance program.
You and your employer where the leave was rendered must complete the Application to Purchase Credit for an Approved Leave of Absence (PDF).  Note on the application that it is for a special sick leave.

Approved Leave of Absence – If you are a full-time employee, you may apply to purchase service credit for a leave of absence for professional study as an exchange teacher, or for service with a collective bargaining organization, which was approved by your employer’s board.  

Approval for the leave of absence must appear in the employer’s board minutes.  A copy of these minutes must accompany the application.  A copy of transcripts covering the period or any other proof that the leave was for professional study should be attached to the application if no board minutes are available.   

You and your employer where the leave occurred must complete the Application to Purchase Credit for an Approved Leave of Absence.  Be sure to attach the school board minutes or other appropriate proof of the leave.


Out-of-State School Service - Purchasing out-of-state service depends on the following conditions:

  • You must close the other state’s retirement system account by withdrawing any contributions and interest and you must forfeit any retirement benefit.

  • The service you are purchasing must be for at least one year but cannot exceed a maximum of 12 years.  The maximum of 12 years rule also applies if purchasing U.S. Government in combination with out-of-state service.

  • You must first have one full year of service with PSERS before you can apply for out-of-state service.  You may only purchase as much out-of-state service as you have PSERS and/or state service.  Therefore, credit may be purchased on a year-by-year basis.

  • You may only purchase non-qualifying part-time (NQPT) service credit if it is followed by qualifying service rendered in the same state.  NQPT is part-time hourly or per diem school employment in which the service was less than 80 days or 500 hours in a given school year.

You, your former out-of-state employer(s), and your former retirement system must complete the Application for Credit of Out-of-State Service (PSRS-278).