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Exit Counseling

Exit counseling is offered as a service to anyone retiring in the current school year.  Six to nine months prior to your date of retirement, contact your PSERS regional office to schedule an Exit Counseling session.  The Exit Counseling sessions are scheduled to accommodate a small group.

To avoid delays in the processing of your retirement benefit due to errors when completing the Application for Retirement (PDF) or Disability Retirement Explanation (PDF) form, before you complete an application PSERS strongly suggests you attend an Exit Counseling session.

We also recommend that you attend a Foundations for Your Future Program prior to attending the Exit Counseling Session.  Emphasis at the Exit Counseling will be on completion of the retirement application and related forms.  The Foundations for Your Future programs provide a broader overview of PSERS benefits and retirement and are designed to prepare you to proceed onto the more detailed information and the completion of the paperwork presented during an Exit Counseling session. 

The requirements for attendance at an Exit Counseling session are:

  1. You plan to retire during or at the completion of the current school year.

  2. You have obtained from PSERS a current estimate of your retirement benefits.  If you have not done so, complete and submit to PSERS a Request for Retirement Estimate (PDF) form.

  3. After receiving your benefit estimate, call your PSERS Regional Office to schedule your Exit Counseling Session.  

Things to Bring to Your Exit Counseling Session

Your PSERS Retirement Estimate.

If you are electing to have your monthly benefit payment sent directly to your financial institution, you should bring the following:  

What Will Happen at an Exit Counseling Session

These small group meetings begin promptly at their scheduled time. Please arrive in plenty of time to be seated at the scheduled starting time.  

At the meeting, the PSERS retirement counselor will assist you with:

The PSERS counselor will also: